7 Reasons Why You Should Not Wear Yoga Pants Unless You’re Actually at Yoga

“Tights are not pants.” -Blair Waldorf

Industry reports confirm that denim sales are dropping, while yoga pants become more popular.  I am appalled by this increasing trend of women wearing activewear with no intention of actually going to the gym.  Here’s why:

1. “But, they’re so comfortable” is NOT an excuse.

Don’t get me wrong, I love comfort and I often pair my Nike sneakers with dresses.  But, there is a huge difference between comfort and sloppiness.  There is nothing stylish or innovative about wearing activewear pants or tights as an everyday outfit.  A soft maxi skirt or cool boyfriend jeans are just as comfortable and infinitely more stylish.

2. What you wear is representative of who you want to be.


I know, another Blair Waldorf quote.  But, this quote from Gossip Girl is undeniably true.  By wearing yoga pants, you’re conveying that you want to be a lazy college student who overslept and is running late to class. Mature adults wear real pants.

3. You never know who you could run in to.

Maybe it’s that cute guy from class or worse yet, the person who could land you your dream job. You wouldn’t want to approach your business role model wearing yoga pants.

4. There could be an emergency.

This one may sound silly, but think about it.  Would you want to be stranded somewhere in stretchy pants?

5. They can lead to weight gain.

Usually, you’d notice right away if you put on a little weight because your jeans would fit tighter.  With stretchy yoga pants, it’s much harder to tell.

yoga pants

6. They’re unforgiving.

There are plenty of ways to flatter curves. Wearing flimsy pants that have no support and have the potential to make your legs look like they are in a sausage casing is certainly not one of them.

7. Another non-excuse: “Everyone wears them.”

So you want to look like everyone? This is all the more reason to not wear yoga pants.  By simply wearing jeans, you’re more stylish than the large majority of people.

Comfortable alternatives:

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