Faux Fur, Real Suede

Faux Fur, Real Suede

Faux fur vests – well actually vests in general – are very in this season. I’ve always liked vests, but struggled to wear them. In Chicago, you have to wear a jacket over the vest when you’re outside, and then it’s too hot inside to keep it on.  Disclaimer: I took my coat off for a brief few minutes here for this shoot. This cropped vest from Akira is actually light enough that I can (usually) keep it on indoors.

Something that puzzles me about Chicago is the colder it gets outdoors, the warmer they turn the heat up indoors. It makes no sense to me why you would turn the heat up so high when you have to dress warmer to withstand the cold outside. It will literally be negative 20 degrees outside and 80 inside. It’s typical that I wear a super warm coat with just a tank underneath so I can adjust to the extreme temperature change. If someone from Chicago will explain this to me, I would appreciate that.

Faux Fur, Real Suede Faux Fur, Real Suede Faux Fur, Real Suede

I’ve been carrying this Henri Bendel Jetsetter bag all quarter. It’s perfect for class and traveling.

Faux Fur, Real SuedeFaux Fur, Real SuedeFaux Fur, Real Suede

Have you guys heard of BeBuddha jewelry? All of the pieces are locally made in Chicago. I’m wearing the Torino earrings. You can get 15% off your purchase with code ALLIEBBJ.

Faux Fur, Real Suede Faux Fur, Real Suede

Shop: Akira vest, Express lace up shirt, AG jeans, Vince Camuto boots, Henri Bendel backpack, Quay sunglasses courtesy of People Magazine, earrings courtesy of BeBuddha

Thanks to Alpi for these pictures!