How to Find and Work with Brands

how to find and work with brands

Working with brands and specifically finding brands can be difficult for new bloggers. I’ve found that as my audience has grown, brands usually reach out to me and not the other way around. Here are some tips that I believe have contributed to many of my successful collaborations. Thanks to Sincerely, Jennie for this week’s question.

1) Tag the brands you’re featuring/wearing on social media. On more than one occasion, brands have reached out to me after I tagged them on Instagram.

2) Sign up for FohrCard. This has become a major platform used by an increasing number of top bloggers and brands. It also gives you a way to easily contact tons of brands.

3) Join local blogger communities. Brands will often search out these groups if they’re interested in working with bloggers in a certain location. I’ve worked with a lot of brands through the Windy City Blogger Collective.

4) Have your contact information easily available on your blog and even your social media accounts. I list my email in my Instagram bio so brands don’t have to go through an extra step of clicking through to my blog to find my email. Brands also like it better if you just list your email, instead of having a contact form.

5) Find brands through other blogs. Browse other blogs to find out what brands they’ve worked with, then reach out to them. If you have a similar audience, it’s likely that they will want to work with you too.

6) Make sure to include your media kit when you do contact a brand (more info on media kits here). PR people get tons of emails and will likely ignore yours if all the information they want isn’t right in front of them.

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