7 Design Tricks to Keep Readers on Your Blog

How to reduce your bounce rate

For any blogger, the name of the game is keeping people on your site for as long as possible. Having great content is important, however reducing your bounce rate really comes down to the design of your blog. Here are some things that should be part of your blog’s design, regardless of whether you’re on WordPress, Blogger, etc. If most of these are missing from your blog, then I highly recommend purchasing a new theme or hiring someone to add these on.

1) Fixed navigation menu. See how my menu stays at the top? This makes it easy for your reader to click over to other categories on your site or find your contact info.

2) Fixed sidebar. This serves a similar function as fixed navigation. You always want many options for your reader in case they get bored while looking at the current post.

3) Search bar. Sometimes people just want to search for something specific and if you don’t have a (functioning) search feature, said people will get annoyed and leave your blog. I think the navigation bar is a good place to have a small search icon.

4) “Read more” post previews on your home page. If your reader has to keep scrolling through a post they’re not interested in, they’ll probably exit out of your blog. You can appeal to a wider variety of readers by offering them choices of what post to read more of on your home page. In addition, more click throughs leads to more page views on Google Analytics.

5) Related posts, recent posts, and/or popular posts beneath your posts and in the sidebar. Once someone finishes reading a post, you want to give them lots of reasons to stay on your blog.

6) Link within. Use hyperlinks to link back to related posts on your blog.

7) Open links in new tabs. This is especially important for affiliate links. After shopping on the affiliate site, the reader will be more likely to come back to your blog.

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