Do You Need a Facial in Chicago?

Meghana Prasad Facial Chicago

While getting our nails and hair done by a professional seems to be a regular practice, not as much attention is given to our skin. I schedule hair cuts every eight weeks so shouldn’t I be doing the same thing for facials? Absolutely. Having great, healthy skin is just as important as having great hair. And while you might think that doing an at-home mask is enough, a professional esthetician can really work wonders that you just can’t achieve from a DIY treatment. I had an incredible facial experience here in Chicago with Meghana Prasad. Keep reading to learn more and for a special discount.

Meghana Prasad Facial Chicago

Last week, I got an amazing facial at Meghana Prasad’s home studio. The service was above and beyond a standard facial. She looked at my skin under a microscope and gave me a full consultation and customized experience. In addition, she gave me a nice massage. The environment was so relaxing and a much needed stress reliever during finals week.

Meghana Prasad Facial Chicago

Ever since the facial, my skin has been looking better than it has in a long time. Meghana told me that some of the products I was using were drying out my skin. She re-hyrdrated my skin during the facial and sent me home with this great hydrating serum. Per her suggestions, I also went out and bought a cleanser and toner. My face is now more even-toned and hasn’t been flaking from dryness like it used to.

Meghana Prasad Facial Chicago

How cute is this studio?!

Meghana Prasad Facial Chicago

Meghana Prasad Facial Chicago

If you want a highly customized experience that will leave your skin looking better than you knew possible, I highly recommend booking an appointment with Meghana. She also does makeup and hair if you need a special occasion look. You can get 30% off your first service just by mentioning my blog!

  • Love the pictures on your blog.

  • Great photos. If i’m ever in chicago I’ll have to check her out!

  • This is a nice post. Wishing I was back in Chicago visiting my brother. Is there a way to get the hydrating serum sent to Austria?

  • Oh man. This sounds amazing. I really do neglect my skin and it’s starting to show. The tone is all uneven and I have flakes everywhere. I may have to go check her out and get my face back in order for spring.


  • Great post! Facials are really expensive tho, I can never go as often as I would like to.

  • Klaudias Corner

    Lovely post ! I love getting pampered , but must admit I find it difficult to find a really good beautician who really cares about YOU and your skin . Lucky you , you seem to have found the perfect one . Thanks for sharing !

  • Adina Mera

    This just made want to go and get a facial! Haven’t got one in so long! Also, I will keep in mind when in Chicago! Thanks for sharing

  • Tayla Symons

    Great post. it sounds amazing

  • Caitlin + Dani

    Customization is everything. This looks like a great experience!