Ice Chips – My Favorite New Healthy Treat

Ice Chips - My Favorite New Healthy Treat

It’s so hard to find sugar-free, healthy treats that also taste great. There was a time when I would try to make healthier desserts myself, but they almost always wound up tasting terrible and costing too much. So when I try a healthy treat that’s addictively delicious, it’s only fair that I share it with all of you. Ice Chips are a game changer. If the name sounds familiar, maybe you remember them from Shark Tank. The founders are two sweet grandmas.

So what exactly are Ice Chips, you ask? They’re candy that are not only sugar-free, but actually good for your teeth.

Ice Chips - My Favorite New Healthy Treat

Ice Chips are made with Xylitol from Birchwood in the USA, NOT from GMO corn as is the case with most Xylitol products. Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener that’s found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables.  Here are just some of the benefits of Xylitol:

  • Tastes great – there’s no aftertaste!
  • Reduces new tooth decay
  • Reduces cavity causing bacteria
  • Inhibits growth of dental plaque
  • Does not impact insulin levels

Ice Chips - My Favorite New Healthy Treat

The Ice Chips Grannies sent me six of their most popular flavors – which they sell as the Shark Tank Special. As far as my favorite flavors, it’s a tie between Root Beer Float and Licorice. The Licorice flavor tastes exactly like black licorice, but in a much more convenient form. They’re great to stick in your purse in lieu of gum of mints. There’s a ton of other flavors available as well. I’m dying to try the Pina Colada, Sour Apple, or Coffee Cream.

Ice Chips - My Favorite New Healthy Treat

Have you tried Ice Chips before? If so, let me know what you think!

  • Lauren Kunin

    I love the black licorice one!

    • Right? Most people don’t like black licorice, but it’s so good!

  • Always looking for tasty healthy snacks to test out!

    • You should definitely give these a try! 🙂

  • Dasha Guyton

    Sugar free and tasty don’t usually go in the same sentence.But I trust your judgment so I’ll have to give these a try.


    • They’re honestly so good.

  • My Jouney To A Healthy Life

    I want to try these, where can they be purchased? I haven’t seen them around.

    • They’re available on their website or at health food or vitamin stores.

  • Catrice Wickham

    I need this!! I am always looking for something else besides gum as just a little something to have in my mouth. I also love the dental benefits. I have periodontal disease so I need all the help I can get.

    • They would be perfect for you. I’ve never liked chewing gum and these are so much better than mints.

  • Melissa

    Mmm the rootbeer ones look so yummy!!! Wonder if I can find them where I am…Gonna have to take a look!

  • Anna Elizabeth Events

    Whattt!? I’ve never heard of these. Definitely going to check them out.

    Thanks for sharing, babe!

    xo Anna Elizabeth

  • Anastasia Lekk

    Wow!!! This is exactly what I needed!! Thanks Allie!!

  • HOP

    i haven’t tried or heard of these but they look so cute! reminds me of those vintage hard candies! the root beer one looks yummy!