5 Tips for Beating Adult Acne with ZAPZYT

5 Tips for Beating Adult Acne with ZAPZYT

I used to have horrible acne during my teenage years. I spent much of high school hiding under layers of makeup and trying out every product available to me. Luckily, my pimples have mostly subsided as I’m about to turn 22. However, they still pop up every now and then. I’ll probably never have completely clear skin. Over the years, I’ve learned how to manage those pesky pimples that like to appear at the most inconvenient times. Keep reading for my top tips and favorite products that will help you beat adult acne like a champ.

5 Tips for Beating Adult Acne with ZAPZYT

1) Keep your skincare routine simple. As a blogger, you know that I love trying out new products. But when it comes to skincare, I try to streamline my morning and nightly routine:

I use ZAPZYT Cleanser to wash my face twice a day – morning and night. I supplement that with the Pore Clearing Scrub a few times a week to exfoliate. Then, I use a serum to lock in a highly-concentrated layer of moisture.

At night, I follow that with a thin layer of the Pore Treatment Gel. I use the Acne Treatment Gel as a spot treatment when I have especially prominent zits that I want to disappear. It’s main ingredient is Benzoyl Peroxide, so it’s totally safe for sensitive skin like mine.

After using these ZAPZYT products, I apply a moisturizer followed by a CC creme that includes SPF. I only wear heavier foundation if I have a special event or photoshoot that day.

5 Tips for Beating Adult Acne with ZAPZYT

2) Wash your face twice per day with luke warm water. Never skip that nightly face wash. There are so many toxins in the environment that you need to cleanse from your skin before going to bed. It’s especially important if you wear makeup. When you use too hot or cold of water to wash your face, it shocks your skin and causes redness. A barely warm temperature is ideal.

5 Tips for Beating Adult Acne with ZAPZYT

3) Change your pillowcase every few nights. This is one that my mom taught me. Your pillowcase gets full of oils from your skin and accumulates dust from the air, so it’s good to swap it out for a fresh one a couple times per week.

5 Tips for Beating Adult Acne with ZAPZYT

4) Watch what you eat. Our diet greatly effects our skin. You can treat the symptom – pimples, but they’ll keep coming back if you don’t consider what’s causing them in the first place. Consuming too much sodium and sugar causes breakouts. I definitely notice that my skin clears up when I eat healthier. Try to limit processed/packaged foods, as those are often high in sodium.

5 Tips for Beating Adult Acne with ZAPZYT

5) Drink lots of water. Moisture is key to healthy looking skin. This includes not only using serum and moisturizer, but also hydrating your body with plenty of water.

5 Tips for Beating Adult Acne with ZAPZYT

Regardless of how strict your diet and skincare regimen is, those annoying breakouts have a way of making an appearance at the most inconvenient times. ZAPZYT products will help you get rid of those problem zits that even us adults still have to deal with.

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