Life Lately: Lessons From My First Month After Graduation

Life Lately: Lessons From My First Month After Graduation

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Hi guys, I want to give you a little life update today. My blog content has been a little light lately and there’s good reason for that. I got a full-time job! I graduated undergrad in June – Business Management major at DePaul – and started my first adult job. I started working at Lightspan Digital as a Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Being done with school feels weird, but very good. I won’t make this post too lengthy – I just want to share some quick lessons and reflections learned after my first couple months of post-college life. Read on. 

Life Lately: Lessons From My First Month After Graduation

Lessons From My First Month After Graduation:


1. Literally everything good comes from hard work and struggle.

My life is pretty great right now – I have the job that I always wanted, blogging is a source of extra income, I have an amazing boyfriend, and I live in a cute apartment in the best location in Chicago.

Now let me tell you how I got all of those things… I spent all four years of college working incredibly hard to grow my blog. I skipped out on socializing and drinking, to instead spend hours everyday glued to my laptop. I pushed my introverted self to go to every event I was invited to so I could learn, network, and grow my blog. I did internships and freelance work. It was through my blogging connections that I secured my current job. I went on a lot of terrible dates before I found my boyfriend. And as for my apartment, I spend months searching and going on disappointing tours before I found a place that had everything I wanted. The list could go on, but you probably get the point.

Life Lately: Lessons From My First Month After Graduation

2. I have a lot less time now.

Everyone told me this would happen after college, but I didn’t believe it. Working from 9-to-5 means that I really have to manage my time before and after work. Workouts, R&R time, blogging, cooking, haircuts, and events are all things that have to fit into my schedule. I haven’t yet mastered working life time management. So far, I’ve tried to limit event RSVPs to two per week and I force myself to workout at night even though I would rather Netflix and chill with my cat.

Life Lately: Lessons From My First Month After Graduation

3. I’m endlessly thankful for my blog.

Not only is my blog an extra source of income, it also saves me so much money because I get products from amazing brands. I love trying new products and making new blogger friends – the Chicago blogging community is incredible! Plus, my influencer marketing and Instagram knowledge comes in handy at my new job.

Life Lately: Lessons From My First Month After Graduation

Ok, that’s it! Now, back to the fashion stuff. These are another pair of Charming Charlie earrings and they’re only $16!

Life Lately: Lessons From My First Month After GraduationLife Lately: Lessons From My First Month After Graduation

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Thanks for reading! I would love to hear about your post-college experience. Leave a comment below.

  • Congratulations on your full-time job! It does take some time to adjust to working full time and balancing a social life not to mention a blog but you will be a pro at it in no time. If I have any advice from my experience in the post grad (5 years and counting..) it would be to take time out for yourself. I’m a big proponent of the “mental health” day off of work.

    • Thanks for sharing your advice! I get a generous amount of vacation time, so I will definitely be taking some me time.

  • How exciting! Congrats on the job! When I got my first “real” job, I thought I was going to have so much more time but I found out too quick how easy it is to just come home and lay on the couch. I’m finally getting into the rhythm of work, working out, and cooking! Who knew adulting would be so hard!? By the way, I LOVE your charming charlie earrings!

    • Thanks! Right, it’s harder than I thought, but I’ll figure it out eventually. Charming Charlie has the best earrings.