Giveaway: Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo

Giveaway: Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo

It’s so hard to find a shampoo/conditioner that does everything you want. You can find one that satisfies some of your hair concerns, but probably not all of them. If you know this struggle, then you need to try Function of Beauty – they make fully customizable shampoo and conditioner that will meet all of your haircare needs. Keep reading to learn about the set that I personalized and for a giveaway at the end of this post!

Giveaway: Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo

My personalized shampoo and conditioner set came in this pretty box with my name on it.

How to make yours:

Just go to the Function of Beauty website and fill out a hair quiz. You’ll get to fill out a hair profile then check off all your hair concerns. You also get to choose the color and fragrance of your shampoo. The options are endless. I chose grapefruit hibiscus and it smells as good as it sounds!

I thought it was really cool that you can choose the amount of fragrance – light, medium, or strong. I chose strong because I like when my hair smells good after I get out of the shower.

Giveaway: Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo

Your shampoo set comes with a card that lists all of the ingredients and their purpose. It gives more details and recommendations for washing on the inside. I have seriously been loving my set!

Giveaway: Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo

Here’s everything that’s included in your box: shampoo and conditioner, dispensing pumps, and a card with the ingredients.

Enter the giveaway:

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  • latanya t


  • Dana Rodriguez

    My biggest concern is lack of volume.

  • Rhonda W G.

    Currently it’s static and dryness for sure! With long hair it’s such a challenge.

  • starzine

    Dry hair.

  • Debbie Clauer

    Keeping the color in as long as possible.

    • I have that same concern!

  • I’ve been seeing these customized shampoos everywhere! It’s soo cool that you get to customize them to your hair. Plus, the colors are so cute!

    xo, Chloe //

    • Right?! And the bottles looks so cute in the shower.

  • Felicity Smith

    trying to stop the “flyaways”

    • I totally feel that.

  • I am most interested in keeping my curls hydrated, voluminous, soft and NOT frizzy

  • zoe grace

    my #1 hair concern is heat damage. also just wondering – do you know of any other companies that provide similar services like personalized/customized beauty/body products? customized shampoo sent monthly is the actually the coolest thing i’ve ever heard

    • I’m sure there are some out there haha! I would just need to do some research.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    Dryness is my #1 concern

  • Anita Kennett

    Living on the coast of Florida,the weather can be extremely brutal.Thanks so very much for sharing.

  • Kelly Tupick

    My biggest concern is dry hair.

  • pinksuzanne

    My #1 hair concern is I have fine hair with lack of volume

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    My hair is fried from medication for auto immune disease so between medication and my darn body my hair is a mess!

  • Rebecca Thomas

    Dryness and brittle ends

  • Holly Thomas

    split ends are my biggest concern.

  • Cindy Aiton

    Frizz! I am always fighting my naturally curly/frizzy hair.

  • Tina Ivanisevic

    My biggest concern is dry hair

  • tyler

    My number one hair concern is dryness!

  • rajee

    Frizz and dry har