Picpal – the Social Selfie App for College Students

Picpal - the Social Selfie App for College Students

I’m here to give you my review of a new app that’s available to download for free from iTunes and Google Play app stores. Picpal is an app that allows you to create picture collages with your friends, regardless of your location. It works sort of like Snapchat in that you take a selfie, but then you can invite one to three friends to join in. You can doodle and apply filters or other effects to the picture you take. Then, each of the pictures that you and your group take get compiled into a fun collage. You and your friends can heart and comment on the finished collage.

Check out all the cool effects in the screen shots below. I especially like drawing on or adding text to my photos.

Picpal - the Social Selfie App for College Students Picpal - the Social Selfie App for College Students

Like many college students, I left good friends behind when I moved out of state for school. I’m going to school in Chicago, but I have friends located all over the country. Picpal is the perfect way to have a reunion of sorts. Once your collage is done, you can also share it to Facebook and Instagram. I created a selfie collage on Picpal with one of my closest friends from high school. Check it out below.

Picpal - the Social Selfie App for College Students

Picpal is sort of like an amazing combination of Snapchat and Instagram. You get the best features from both, plus many more. It’s great for college students who want to catch up with old friends or create memories with new friends. It’s a must-have for any social students.

Want to give it a try? Download the app here if you have an iPhone or here if you’re on an Android. Connect with old friends by adding them through Facebook or text message. And, don’t forget to add me on Picpal!

I have partenered up with the advertiser to write this article but every word in this article is mine.