Giveaway: Ice Cream Lip Scrub

Giveaway: Ice Cream Lip Scrub

When my lips get super dry because of a drastic change in the weather or some other unknown reason, it seems like there is no remedy besides waiting it out. Layering on Chapstick only fixes the problem temporarily. Lip scrub is the product that you never knew you needed. Just like a facial scrub removes dead skin to leave your face feeling extra smooth, a lip scrub does the same for your lips.

Good Earth Beauty’s ice cream flavored lip scrubs are probably the best smelling ones out there. The three flavors smell just like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream. The strawberry is my favorite.  The ingredients are all organic and natural. Plus, all the products from Good Earth Beauty are cruelty-free. Check out the giveaway at the end of this post!

Giveaway: Ice Cream Lip Scrub

I rub just a small amount of scrub over my lips, then rinse it off. Apply a lip balm afterwards to lock in moisture.

Giveaway: Ice Cream Lip Scrub

Lip scrub set courtesy of Good Earth Beauty

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  • That product sounds awesome, and oh so tasty!! I love how smooth lip scrubs make you feel.

    • It’s such a great scrub! xo

  • sounds like a yummy lip scrub!

    • They taste good too!

  • tyler

    I’m always looking for all natural lip products – this one sounds amazing.

    • It is amazing! xo

  • Love an organic, cruelty-free product! Thanks for sharing Allie xo

    • Thanks for reading!

  • Melissa

    An all organic and natural lip scrub that smells like chocolate ice cream?! This must be heaven! 😊